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(Tested on netbeans 7.2.1)

NetBeans does partially solve the problem by using a User.properties file, but it fails to identify tags for c/c++ files.

1st Method: Change the Author property in Templates

It is a direct solution but changes should be made for each template.

2nd Method: Using User.properties file:

  • Click on: Tools –> Template (from the toolbar)
  • You should get a Template Manager window. Now click on the Settings button.
  • User.properties file should now be open. Un-comment the last line and insert your name.
  • What ever name you choose in this file overrides the default name(system name) given during initialization.

3rd Method: For a more permanent solution :-

  • Go to your NetBeans installation directory


C:\Program Files\NetBeans X.Y.Z\
  • Go into the etc folder and open netbeans.conf file using any editor (advanced text editors Notepad++ would format the text in windows and make it more comfortable)
  • Find the netbeans_default_options key
netbeans_default_options="-J-client -J-Xss2m...."
  • Now add the following to this line


-J-Duser.name="NAME HERE"
  • Save the configuration file and start NetBeans


(Tested on Eclipse Juno)

Changing ‘eclipse.ini’ file:

  • Go to Eclipse folder (which has the eclipse.exe file)
  • Open ecilpse.ini file
  • Add this after -vmargs option:
  • Save the file and start Eclipse

IntelliJ IDEA 13 Community Edition

(Tested on IntelliJ IDEA 13 CE)

Changing the ‘idea.exe.vmoptions’ file:

  • Go to your IntelliJ installation folder
C:\Program Files(x86)\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition...
  • Go into bin folder
  • Open the file named idea.exe.vmoptions (or idea64.exe.vmoptions) and add the following property
  • Save the file and you are done.


Hope it helped and please share if liked!!